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Laura Myers Horse show

S&S Ranch

The Riding Academy


Tucked away just northeast of Tampa, the S&S Riding Academy was established to provide a healthy outdoor learning center to mentor children in comprehensive horsemanship. Going far beyond riding lessons, our structured educational program offers children the foundation to become elite equestrian athletes, cultured in the sports of riding Hunters and Jumpers and stewards to their horses and ponies. With a holistic approach to equine activities, we foster, not only, the relationship between horse and rider, but also the rider's ability to connect with nature, center their energy, and become grounded with a mind-body connection.



At The Academy our objective is to revolutionize your child's experience with horseback riding. Our program offers young children the opportunity to not only learn a traditional sport but also develop problem-solving skills and meet personal goals. Responsibility, patience, empathy, focus, endurance, and teamwork are life competencies that the equestrian discipline can cultivate in your child beyond what other typical sports can offer. Equine activities require a child to learn crucial social skills while teaching the responsibility the comes from caring for and riding animals.

At The Academy, we differentiate ourselves from your typical after school activities or other horseback riding programs. We strive to provide a comprehensive experience to your child, from the very basics of horsemanship to a top level horse show education. We tailor every lesson and our approach to each individual child. We understand that every child is different and learn and grow in diverse ways. We embrace the diversity among our youth and encourage our students to enjoy their own separate experiences while they become adept in their foundation of horsemanship.


What to expect in your child's equine learning experience:

  • Introduction to horses and horseback riding

  • Horse safety and behavior

  • Grooming, care, and working around horses

  • Parts of horse tack and equipment 

  • Vocabulary

  • Leading

  • Speed control

  • Steering

  • Emergency dismount


With decades of experience as a rider and instructor in Florida, Laura Bachmann is a seasoned professional in developing both young children and their horses and ponies. Sharing The Academy's commitment to educating the next generation of equestrians, Laura is excited to meet your child and develop a customized learning program to fit their needs and goals.


Join Us

The Riding Academy at S&S Ranch is accepting new students. Complete the registration page below and one of our staff will reach out to you with more information to schedule orientation with you and your child.

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